Boy’s Cross Country team prepares for first meet

The Boys’ cross country team is making their final practices count before the first meet on Monday. This Saturday, they will have time trials which will determine what runners will be representing the varsity squad on Monday.

Junior P.J Brown says that just because someone doesn’t make varsity during the first race, doesn’t mean they won’t make it at all during the season.

“If someone on JV runs a faster time than someone on Varsity at any time in the season, they’ll bump that person off Varsity and move the other runner up,” Brown said.

According to Brown, there is still one spot left on the main varsity roster, and the time trials this saturday will determine who makes Varsity for the first meet and who doesn’t. Brown also says the team has been practicing just as hard this week as they have all season, and he says they run around different locations during practices.

“We’re only at school Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. Every other day we go to parks like Fiber, Covenant, and Laurel Park,” Brown said. “We usually practice from 2:30 to 5:00p.m.”

The boy’s cross country team, according to Brown, are confident that they will be very successful heading into the first meet.