Golfing onto varsity

The majority of freshmen come into Francis Howell Central having at least one friend but this was not the case for Freshman Rachel Mossotti. This is Mossotti’s first year in a public, prior to this year she attended St. Joesph Catholic School. During her years at Catholic school, she played soccer, golf and she swam for St. Joseph. Mossotti plans to do these sports for Francis Howell Central also. Mossotti and Mary Halloran are the only two freshmen to make varsity golf this year.

“I did not expect to make the varsity team,” said Mossotti explaining how excited she was to even make a team.

Making the team has made the transition from private to public school much less intimidating because of the tips she has gotten from her upperclassmen team mates.

“All the girls are nice and so is the coach,” said Mossotti.

Mossotti is anticipating their first match later this week and she hopes to not disappoint her new friends.