Arete gets ready to start planning for future events

Within the hundreds of students that participate in Arete’s events, there’s a group of about twenty students that make it all happen. The Arete committee works all year long to make the two events, the fall breakfast and spring field day, the best that they can be.

Sponsored by math teacher Amy Zykan, its first meeting will be held this Friday, August 24. Students can find it in room two at 7 a.m. All students are welcome, and everyone that is interested should attend, whether or not this will be their first year on the committee.

“First of all,” said Zykan about the first meeting, “[We will] introduce ourselves to see who wants to be on the committee.”

Along with this, topics that will be discussed are the T-shirts and the theme colors for the events, a favorite part of being on the Arete committee for many.

Senior, Alex Wilson, tells about the upcoming year that she’s “looking forward to making the shirts because [it’s] always fun.”

Plans for the much-anticipated fall breakfast aren’t beginning quite yet, but will be underway soon.