Approximately 100 donate at StuCo blood drive

Student Council hosts blood drive.

Senior Rachel Emery keeps her eyes on a nurse from the Mississippi Valley Blood Center while preparing to give blood at StuCo’s annual blood drive on Oct. 25.

On Oct. 15, Student Council  was host to the annual blood drive.Students had to sign up in order to donate and a form needed to be signed with a parent or guardian’s signature.Sophomore, Caitlyn Swaringim is proud of the good the blood drive is doing.

“The blood is going to a great organization,called the Mississippi Blood Center, where it is going to be used to help a lot of people in need,” Swaringim said.

Giving blood may seem scary to some, but it can really make a difference in someone’s life. Blood transfusions are extremely helpful, but those who donate should be careful. Sophomore Gabe Prather was in charge of making sure everyone got something to eat and drink after giving blood so no one fainted.

“This year’s blood drive was a good one because we had no fainters, but some did feel woozy, so we just had them lay down and rest,” Prather said.

To some, donating blood has special meaning. Junior Kayla Luetkenhaus donated because she has family members who need regular blood transfusions.

“I know how much of a difference that donation blood can make a difference for someone and their families since I have family that relies on them.” Luetkenhaus said.

Donating blood could save a life. Sophomore and student council chairman of the event, Jordan Merli, was excited about what they were able to accomplish.

“We had a great turnout, with only about 10 no-shows, and it is so great to see so many people coming in excited to help others by donating blood,” Merli said.