Return of the Captain

Scholar Quiz Bowl is perhaps one of the more unrecognized clubs at FHC; however, for one student, Scholar Quiz Bowl has held a major role in his life for the past three years.

Senior Jak McCullen first joined the Scholar Quiz Bowl team his sophomore year.

“I needed a parking pass, and [Scholar Quiz Bowl] was the only club I had friends in besides theatre,” explained McCullen.

Although he may have had ulterior motives to begin with, McCullen has become a vital member of the team with his strengths being Ancient World History, Mythology, English, and Algebra. His junior year, he returned and was co-captain of the varsity team alongside alumnus Nic Deckard. After a fairly successful year, McCullen has returned as the sole captain of the team this year. The team consists of Jak as captain, seniors Sean Gundersen, Andrew Henke, and Ryan Silver as well as junior Ethan Hammer. McCullen has high hopes for the team this year.

“The first thing I’m going to do is kick all of the nerds off the team,” said McCullen jokingly.

McCullen continued with his more scholastic aspirations noting that he wants everyone on the team to build their strengths in not only the subjects they’re familiar with, but also the subjects they don’t spend as much time on. He finished with a declaration of more a competitive sort.