Hanging Tough

Last Thursday the Lady Spartans picked up another win against Fort Zumwalt South, improving their record to 4-5. The team has played six teams ranked in the top ten in large/small schools rankings.

In the matchup against Fort Zumwalt South, the team had clutch performances from senior April Hennen, junior Taylor Huskey, sophomore Rebecca Stocker and sophomore Kristen Kolkmeyer.

“April hit a home run which scored me and her, and Amy made good plays in the field. Overall, we played a really good game.” said Huskey.

Huskey went 3-4 with a double and two runs. This is Huskey’s third year playing for the Spartans and so far is learning to grow with the new addition of Coach Brian Cissel.

“He was very hesitant at first, coming from a totally different sport and all, but now he is starting to connect really well with the team and he gives constructive criticism which is very helpful,” said Huskey.

Hennen is one of many players for the Spartans that have gotten the coach change late in their career.Not only has she gotten a new coach but also a whole new school when she transferred to Central after spending three years at Troy Buchanan High School.

“I moved with my dad to get a new experience, and I had already played over at my old school so I wanted to finish with playing (softball),” said Hennen.

Hennen helped Troy win the Missouri state championships last year. Hennen also had to make a transition of having a new head coach coming in late in her high school career.

“I love him, he is very awesome, he is one of those coaches were if you ask something he will try his best to help you,” said Hennen.

Even though one of the girls biggest games against Francis Howell High was cancelled on Friday due to rain, they look to keep improving their record this week as they face Troy Buchanan, Fort Zumwalt North, and rivals, Francis Howell North.