After Areté’s first meeting, the group is happy with the pro

Areté is off to a great start. It’s just beginning to make plans for the school year and had a meeting on Friday, August 24. The get-together consisted of about 10-15 students, and roughly half of those had participated in Areté in previous years. For senior Alyssa Purdom, those numbers are far from satisfying.

“We [saw] who will actually be in it. I feel like we need to get more people,” says Purdom about the meeting.

The group took the opportunity to “introduce [themselves] and talk about the breakfast coming up,” said sponsor Amy Zykan since it was the first meeting of the year.

Among the topics discussed were the designs for the ever-popular Arete t-shirts and the upcoming fall breakfast. Ideas for colors were thrown around, but nothing has been solidified yet. The next meeting is planned to be sometime in September, where more concerning the breakfast like the menu and t-shirts will be decided.

Applications to be part of Areté are already available in the front of the school, and will be due on October 17 in Room 002.