Volleyball falls to Howell

Things escalated quickly yesterday in yesterday’s varsity volleyball match against Francis Howell at home.

After jumping out to an 18-8 lead in the first game, things got interesting for the Spartans as Howell slowly made up lost ground. In a matter of minutes, the score was 24-19 as senior Jennette Konst made the final kill, winning the first game for FHC, 25-19.

The second game was less of a success for the Spartans. Great plays by Konst and freshman Ava Mich were overshadowed by a strong performance from Howell as they came away with the second game 25-14.

The final game didn’t start off much better. The Spartans trailed the Vikings for the whole of the third game. Shanked passes and hits off the block from Howell added to the loss of the third game and match 14-25.

“We played probably the best match of the season against a team that was much larger and outmatched us in talent,” said Coach Mark McAfee. “Howell was very, very tall and we could not effectively block them because we are not a tall team.”

Senior captain Danielle Lorenscheit kept the court loud for the whole game despite the deficit.

“We came out with a lot of energy and spirit, but we underestimated them the second game and couldn’t get our energy back up,” said Lorenscheit. “It feels good to at least beat Howell once my senior year, but I wish we could’ve taken both games.”