Girls Tennis Breaks Losing Steak

The girls varsity tennis season started with a win of 8-1 in a match against Fort Zumwalt South. However, after this match the Spartans lost 4 matches in a row.

In their second and third games, they lost to rivals Francis Howell and Francis Howell North. Then, both Fort Zumwalt East and Oakville beat them 4-5.

On Wednesday, the girls broke this losing streak with a score of 8-1 against Holt.

Sophomore Tanvi Bhandary was one of the players who was successful on Wednesday. This was one of her first matches after recovering from an injury.

β€œI ran to get the ball, and my ankle twisted the wrong way,” Bhandary said. β€œAt first I thought it was broken.”

Kathryn Pavia also competed well. Pavia said she was happy to have won her first singles match as a freshman.

The girls are preparing for the Francis Howell Central Doubles Tournament, their first tournament of the season. The tournament will be September 7 and 8, in Cottleville.