Areté encourages involvement

With homework, family, friends, and sports, the thought of adding more to one’s plate is overwhelming for some. However, sophomore Sam Spaulding doesn’t share this opinion. More specifically, she sees Areté as an opportunity to meet other students and be more involved.

“It’s something to do to get involved in school,” said Spaulding.

Similar to Spaulding, sponsor Amy Zykan understands the effect that Areté has on the student body.

“To a degree… Its purpose is to recognize student achievements in the school and the community,” said Zykan.

In this way, Areté very successfully embodies its acronym of Always Reaching Excellence Through Education. Because of how broad the criteria is to join, it allows students with a wide range of interests to come together and be praised for their hard work.

“It gets other people involved,” said Spaulding about the field day. “Everybody’s just hanging out.”

The best part about Areté is that joining isn’t at all a rigorous process. With no more than one form and four sets of criteria to be eligible, the club is open to almost every student. Forms can be picked up at the front of the building and are due by October 17.