Swimming up


Despite entering the meet, not expecting much, the girls swim and dive team, started off winning against 3 of Fort Zumwalt North’s divers. This lifted team spirits, which continued to rise throughout the duration of the meet. Swimmers such as Junior Mckenna Starich clearly saw the change in perspective.

“Last night, it started off a little bumpy because we didn’t think we were going to win, they had a lot more divers than us. But throughout the meet you could tell our energy got up and we were a lot more confident. It was a really fun experience to actually win,” said Starich.

Sophomore Corrina Trimble, who placed first in the 100 free, explains that the events tend to go in the same routine.

“It started off with diving, as usual, and we beat all three of their divers,” said Trimble “[Then] In Jensen’s 50 free, where she barely out touched their [diver], it was stressful, and I was screaming.”

After their 50 free came the 500 free, won by Aubrey Maxwell, Carli Buchanan won the 100 fly, and then the 200 free relay where Maddie Bennett and Sam Wilson won by 25 yards ahead of the opposing team.

The team did well Tuesday night, but as with any team sport, there is always something to be improved upon. This year, the team has multiple freshman which makes things slightly harder.  This isn’t the only thing that Freshman Kayla Steinmeyer has observed that could use work.

“”As a team, we could probably work on communicating better, and I could improve on some of my strokes,” said Steinmeyer.

Starich also reveals that the team could work on supporting each other, and shares a personal goal for the future.

“As a team, we could maybe work on togetherness, and being able to cheer for each other if you don’t do as good. Personally, I just want to get my times lower,” said Starich.

While Steinmeyer and Starich focused on improving the team’s bond, Trimble was more occupied with the team’s’ techniques rather than its communication.

“Of course, there is always more to improve on especially when it comes to technique. There’s a little bit of time there, and what you do really counts. Your start, your turns, your underwaters; they all have to be perfect to get your best time,” said Trimble.

Even though they have things they want to improve on, Starich is enjoying the team’s atmosphere.

“I enjoy being part of an atmosphere that is just so positive for people, even if you don’t personally win, it’s just fun being there and cheering on your friends,” said Starich.