Youth in Government fundraiser begins

To help Youth in Government (YIG) students pay their way to the Jefferson City Convention, they are now selling lollipops for 50 cents each. According to junior Alyssa Kilburn, the lollipops are very popular with students.

“Tons of people buy them,” said Kilburn. “I get flooded when I walk into class by kids wanting to buy lollipops.”

YIG is also selling a new category of lollipops, called Funky Fruit Pops, which have a chewy center. This is in addition to the Shockwaves and Creme de la Creme flavors already available.

According to junior Danielle Mullins, the fundraiser helps her raise enough money to go to the convention.

“I don’t take the lollipops with me to every class, but they still help me pay for the convention,” said Mullins.

Aside from selling lollipops, YIG’s legislators are also starting to write bills. After fall break, they will practice debating the bills and then go on to compete the bills at the convention.