Areté event coming together

With October finally here and November fast approaching, plans for the Areté breakfast are in full swing. Although the committee itself is small, the responsibilities are divided between many groups.

“Funds come from the principal’s budget,” said sponsor Ms. Amy Zykan. “[They] have servers with refills in the back of the kitchen.”

Although Sodexo holds a good amount of the duties, both Ms. Zykan and the members of Areté put a substantial amount of work into the event.

“It’s during second hour and we take first hour to set up, along with third hour to take it down,” said senior Sarah O’Leary.

Along with this, the students have made a final decision on the t-shirt design. The committee settled on a burnt orange, which will be free for all participants and $10 for teachers.

Those that will be at the breakfast have a lot to look forward to. Among the food being served will be scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy and possibly sausage. Pillar forms are due on October 17 to room two in the blue box. Students should make sure to get on this soon, though, because a counselor has to sign off on the form before it’s turned in.