Youth in Government makes final preparations



All Youth in Government (YIG) members are now preparing and practicing for their Jefferson City Convention, which will take place Nov. 8-10. The legislators have submitted their bills to the state Youth in Government and have begun practice debates in front of other YIG members.

“They practice debating in front of everyone to be able to answer questions they don’t expect,” YIG sponsor Mrs. Margo Hoffman said.

The media branch is preparing for the convention by creating a DVD and newspaper article describing our school’s delegation.

“They put together print and video forms that other delegations will see so that they can get to know us,” Mrs. Hoffman said.

In addition to these preparations, the committee chairpeople have been chosen by the state. Senior Madeline Reichmuth and junior Spencer Foust were chosen from FHC.

“As committee chairpeople, they will run a committee and keep everyone debating,” Mrs. Hoffman said. “They can also win awards for best committee chairman.”

While at the convention, junior Brittany Schenk will run in an election to be Speaker of the House, which includes having to run a portion of the House and trying to gain voters.

According to Mrs. Hoffman, the 34 members traveling to Jefferson City received a $720 profit from the 1440 lollipops that were sold.

“The lollipop fundraiser was very successful,” Mrs. Hoffman said. “There are only maybe 100 lollipops left.”

At the end of the convention, Mrs. Hoffman will treat the YIG students to a special trip to the top of the Capitol building.

“When you’re at the top of the Capitol, you look out over the whole city; it’s pretty neat,” said Mrs. Hoffman.