Not just a free t-shirt

Areté is generally known for its two main events: the fall breakfast and spring field day. However, lately, sponsor Ms. Amy Zykan has worked to expand the club, specifically to teachers.

“Once a month we do a breakfast for the teachers, like on the [professional development] days,” said Zykan.

Among these treats include St. Louis Bread Company, doughnuts, and, as Ms. Zykan describes it, a “surprise” for next month.

Along with Ms. Zykan’s efforts, the student committee itself has contemplated the idea of changing up the club, but hasn’t finalized anything.

“We’ve talked about changing … but we already have pretty high involvement, so we don’t want to mess with that,” said senior Anna Killpack.

One of these events that generally draws in a massive amount of participation from students is the fall breakfast, which will be held on Nov 16. Although this doesn’t require quite as much work on the part of the committee as it has in the past, the planning is in full swing.

Even though the events themselves basically remain unchanged, there are a few changes happening within them. One difference is that teachers will no longer be offered t-shirts for free, but will cost $10 a piece. Besides that, though, Areté participants won’t see many alterations. The menu is decided, the t-shirts are designed, and after a semester of working hard, the breakfast is coming together.