Hockey team heads to the finals

The Spartan hockey team won their second game in the playoffs, leading them to the finals


The spartan hockey team won their second game of the playoffs with a score of 3-1 against Parkway West. For junior Corey Moats, as much as this was a victory, there could’ve been more to the game.

“I mean, it was a sweet victory, but I think we should have beat them a lot more than what we did; it was a little too close for comfort,” Moats said.

For Moats, the first two periods of the game started out as a struggle but starting in the third period the team started working together and getting their head in the game.
“It was a slow start for everyone, but as we got closer to the end, we ended up getting shots on net and the outcome was a win, which was awesome,” Moats said.

According to freshman Grant Hartenbach, the thrill of playoffs is nerve-wrecking but exciting. He missed the first playoff game, making this game even more stressful for him.

“The beginning started out a little nervous for me because it’s my first year, but we won and are going to the finals cup which is pretty cool,” Hartenbach said.

For junior Sean Poth, playing in the playoffs is a good opportunity for a comeback from their regular season.

“I’d say we are playing better in the playoffs. In the regular season, we kind of got off to a bad start so people kind of lost hope, but now that we are in the playoffs and playing for something, we have been playing a lot better,” Poth said.

Moats agreed. If the team stays confident, Central’s hockey team could be bringing home a trophy.

“I expect nothing but a win from finals. I think our team deserves it,” Moats said.

The final playoff game will be today Friday, February 24 against Wentzville Holt.