StuCo plans annual special needs prom

Student Council is once again in the midst of a bulk of plans to improve the FHC community — most notably their tenth annual special needs prom, which will take place on Nov. 30 in the cafeteria.

The dance has become a popular commodity for StuCo, who orchestrates the entire function, from the decorations to the DJ. The Homecoming Hollywood theme will be translated to the cafeteria from the gymnasium for the special needs prom.

“We’ve got a great DJ this year that’s really good with the kids,” said StuCo President Anna Killpack. “He’s got blow up instruments and hats that only add to the fun.”

After setting up the dance, the StuCo members dance the night away with the other kids and will usually attest to having a pretty good time.

“Normally, we only have about 15 kids come to the dance, but it’s so great to see how happy it makes them and share that joy,” said Killpack. “It’s all about making everybody feel welcome.”

Other upcoming events for StuCo this semester include the Just Dance Fundraiser for FHCtoday blogger Amanda Pelletier on Dec. 7.