I am WE

  Three cars of students and chaperones hit the road and headed toward Chicago on March 28 after school. The club, Central Outreach, earned its tickets to We Day 2017 through service projects here in our community and across the globe. They took part in the We Are Love campaign by writing unique letters to every student, teacher, and administrator in the school for Valentine’s Day.

  WE Day is an arena filled with students from schools all over the area wanting to make a difference. It brings students together and speaks about coming together as “we” not as a single person to create a positive change in our communities and our world. The day consisted of actors and actresses, singers and rappers, motivational speakers and students, along with the Soul Children of Chicago and the award-winning King College Prep High School drumline. Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon, was there to speak and encourage students to persevere to do big things.

Talia Thambyrajah could feel the energy and passion in the room from the speakers talking about their experiences and from the students sharing what they’re doing to make a change in their neighborhoods.

  “The energy of the entire arena was indescribable. Everyone was happy, jumping, and dancing around, it was like a party,” Thambyrajah said.