Song of the week: “Soap” by Melanie Martinez

    This pop, catchy song with make you go bubbles

    This song I like because it is a cool jam song. It is one of those songs that I sometimes listen in my room and just chill to it. Sometimes I will start drawing while listening to this song or reading even. It is a calming song, and one of the best parts in this song is when they make sounds that are bubbles, it sounds so cool! The song itself, is about a girl who has a crush on someone and she was brave enough to tell him. She was hoping that they will feel the same way and love her for being her. But things go downhill and they do not like her back and she messed up, wishing she could just take it all back. Soap, is the metaphor for this.


    More songs by Melanie Martinez can be found on Spotify under the album “Cry Baby”.