Take a walk in their shoes

Central Outreach hosts shoe drive in order to donate and help the Shoeman water project.


Central Outreach collects shoes for the Shoeman Water Project the first two weeks of April 2017. Boxes can be found outside the main student parking lot entrance, and outside the Activities Directors Office.

Central Outreach will be collecting shoes for them to resell in order to find clean water wells for rural communities that do not have access to clean water, along with Mrs. Ashley Mair, world language teacher and Central Outreach sponsor. Mair further explained that junior Will James has been the lead on the fundraiser and has been in contact with a company who runs the Shoeman water project.

“He has been sensational regarding the organization and implementation of this project,” Mair said. “We plan to run it for two weeks. Depending on its success, we could definitely do it again next year.”

James has participated in the Shoeman Water Project for as long as he can remember, so he has known about the organization for a long time.

“The Shoeman Water Project collects new or gently used shoes, and sells them to exporters (who often sell them to third-world villages that otherwise wouldn’t have shoes) and then they use that money to build water-wells in struggling third-world villages that have dirty and contaminated water,” James said.

According to James, Central Outreach is excited to have the opportunity to make a positive impact on a global level, and hope that the FHC community will come together and support a great cause. Their goal is to collect as many shoes as possible in the two weeks the drive will be hosted.

A shoe drive hasn’t taken place during my time at FHC, so Central Outreach doesn’t really know what to expect. We didn’t set a goal of how many shoes, but we hope that we have to empty the collection bins multiple times,” James said, “For each pair of shoes donated, you have a chance to win a $50 gift card to either Chick-Fil-A or Quik Trip, so we’re hoping that will increase participation.”

Throughout his time planning the project, he has received support from not only Mair but also the Shoeman Water Project. James is thankful for this support and believes it is the reason the project was able to succeed.

“The Shoeman Water Project has been very supportive and helpful during the planning prices of the shoe drive. I’ve spoken with Nick Lintner, a representative at Shoeman, multiple times, and he sent posters, yard signs, and the collections bins to our school free of charge,” James said. “The SWP really care about groups and schools that are working with their organization, and it made the planning much easier. Mr. Lintner even came to speak to Central Outreach at 6:45 on Friday, March 31st, telling us more about the SWP mission and some of his experiences during his time in the organization.”