Names not numbers

Academically advanced students explain their struggles of being labeled by merely their intelligence, and they explain how they are more than just their label and test scores.

Labels stick, and many students are labeled as merely the “smart kid” or an “AP student” when there is a entire aspect to them besides their intelligence that society tends to turn a blind eye to. The students can start to view themselves as simply their label and begin to lose sight of their individuality and anything besides what seems to be their most valued trait. It is understandable as school is completely consuming for these students; they practically live and breathe school and everything around it.

These students end up having little connections outside of each other and unnaturally overwhelming lives. The classes all seem to blend together because many of the students have been with the same students in class all years of high school. Once again, they get grouped together by outsiders because of their intelligence. The farther you go out, the more these students look as just smart AP students and the less one can witness the originality and stresses of each students.