Volleyball victorious

Victorious boys’ volleyball players reflect on their district wins over Howell

The team started the games slow but eventually were motivated and picked up the pace to win the games according to seniors Cameron Zelei and Nathan Goestenkors.

“We played Howell at Lafayette. I think the scores were 25-22 and 25-16. We started off a little rough because our passing wasn’t the best. They went on a 7-1 run in the beginning and we started picking up a little bit of speed but we called a timeout at 6-12 them so we could get ourselves together. We came back and won that game and then had the momentum to go into the second game and won that,” said Zelei.

Goestenkors wasn’t surprised by the win despite the slow start but was happy to win after last years’ districts.

“We’ve beat them before so it’s not a great surprise. For how down we were playing last night, it was a good feeling: knowing we could come on and then lose tonight if we had to. Even though we’d rather win, it was nice to know we won last night so we got past districts,” said Goestenkors. “From coming back from last year, when I was a junior we lost. So I saw the looks on their faces and how bad it was for them, I’m glad I didn’t have to experience that yet.”

Whether they win or lose against Lafayette, the boys are proud to have made it this far and won against Howell in the first night of districts.