Students show interest in Youth in Government

Yesterday, students interested in politics, bills or media attended the first Youth in Government (YIG) meeting of the year. The club is once again being led by Ms. Margo Hoffman, who has taught for 35 years. Ms. Hoffman planned on retiring last year but instead stayed for one more year.

“This is definitely my last year,” said Ms. Hoffman.

YIG members have the opportunity to be a part of either the legislative or media branches of the club, which are modeled to look like they do in the United States government. Legislative members choose to be either a Congressman or Senator and work on writing bills in order to debate them on the floor at the Jefferson City Convention, which is what the whole season builds up to. The media crew, on the other hand, runs a print newspaper and broadcasts at the convention. Legislative meets every Monday, while media will meet only four or five times before they travel to Jefferson City.

“It’s cool doing the whole debate thing,” said senior Danielle Mullins. “But, I like seeing the aspect of what everyone is doing with media.”

This will be Mullins’ third year participating in YIG as a highschooler and was also involved as an eighth grader. During her sophomore year, she was on the legislative team, then she switched to media as a junior.

“It’s interesting to know about the government. It fascinates me,” said Mullins.

At the first meeting, every chair in Ms. Hoffman’s room was being used by potential YIG members. However, according to the YIG sponsor, the first meeting is always the largest.

“There’s always a lot of kids the first time, then the $210 shies people away,” said Ms. Hoffman.

To attend the convention in the fall, each student must pay $210 in some way. They are able to get the fee covered through scholarships or raise money with the annual lollipop fundraiser.

“We’ve had people get their trip completely covered by selling lollipops,” said Ms. Hoffman.

The next YIG meeting will take place on Sept. 3, and interested students are encouraged to like the FHC Youth in Government page and follow @FHCYIG on twitter.