Arete’s plans for the year

Arete stands for “Always Reaching Excellence Through Education.” The club does two big events throughout the school year. They have a breakfast in November for members who have at least one pillar. A pillar is recognition for standing out in grades, athletics, community service, or extracurricular activities. In March, they have a field day. Students who received a pillar either in the fall or spring gather to eat, bounce on inflatables, and socialize. These events also come with a new t-shirt for anyone involved in the organization.

A student wanting to join has to apply to get the chance to receive one of the four pillars. Once a pillar is received by the student, they are officially accepted into Arete. The different pillars are “Productive Citizenship- Civic Responsibility and Community Involvement,” “Club/Extracurricular Service- Dedication and Leadership to Extracurricular Activities,” “Athletic Sportsmanship- Collaboration and Model Participation in Athletics,” and “Academic Excellence- Exemplary Grades.”

“You can locate your pillars at the front doors and drop them off at the blue box in room two,” said Ms. Amy Zykan, an Arete faculty committee member.

The deadline for fall registration is Oct. 25.

“Students only need one pillar for the whole year,” said Ms. Zykan.

Arete will also be making an announcement soon for anyone who is interested in joining the student committee. These students will help plan the breakfast or field day. Students who have joined in the past are already welcome.

“The committee can hold up to 25 students,” said Ms. Zykan.

For the breakfast, most of the meetings will be in October and early November. For the field day, meetings will take place in February and March.