New year, new team

The FHC Sensations feel better and stronger than ever with 11 seniors on the team.

Senior team captain Alli Benney has high expectations for the new season.

“I feel very confident for this year, because our team is already very strong and it’s early in the season,” said Benney. “I think it’s awesome that there are so many dancers in the senior class, and I think it makes our team stronger.”

Junior Bre Gajewski also feels confident in her team.

“We have very strong captains this year that are good at helping achieve our goals for the [National Dance Team Championship],” Gajewski said. ”They have good control of the team.”

The Sensations have also received positive feedback from Coaches Jodi Wylde and Roxanne Henry.

“We got new coaches last year, and we did really good, so we are just going to keep improving from everything from last year,” said Benney.

Gajewski believes that the coaches will lead the team to be more hopeful for the season.

“Our coaches give out more constructive criticism, and it really encourages us,” said Gajewski.

The dancers also do team-bonding throughout the year. Over the summer, they had a pool party and a sleepover. On Thursday, both the varsity and JV team went to Yogurt World. Varsity supported the JV team by watching them perform at the JV soccer game.

Benney has been on the dance team since freshman year but has grown closer with her teammates during practices.

“We all really bonded by having practice all summer, and we went to camp for a week which really made us close as a team,” said Benney.

The Sensations will perform a new routine at the varsity football game versus Parkway South on Sept. 13.