Stating a leader

While Youth in Government (YIG) is busy and bustling to prepare themselves for the Jefferson City Convention Nov. 14-16, junior Tyler Tran has been placed in an important leadership position for the club. He serves as the Delegation Leader for the state committee, communicating between FHC and the Missouri YMCA Youth in Government.

“I’m basically the bridge between our delegation and important news coming down from the YIG leadership,” Tran said.

In addition to being in contact with the state level of YIG, Tran and the other Delegation Leaders from across the state help with planning. They attend a YIG leadership retreat once every two months.

“We talked about how to improve YIG and what merchandise to sell at the leadership retreat this August,” Tran said.

At the convention, Tran will be a news anchor, where he and the other media members share the news from the convention. This publication is completely student-run, and Tran will head a large role in leading the video team.

“We don’t do much until the convention, where we make a news program,” Tran said. “Think Fox News, except we’re not conservative.”

Meanwhile, the legislators are discussing bill topics and narrowing down options to be able to start the bill process next week.

“We’ll talk about the pros and cons in debate and start doing research and start writing bills next week,” the club’s sponsor, Ms. Margo Hoffman, said.

Ms. Hoffman is confident in her group of students this year. She hopes to do well at the convention and win office positions at the state level, as four students are running for spots in the upcoming year.

“It’s a really energetic bunch,” Ms. Hoffman said. “I’m excited about how many [students] want leadership roles.”

Next Monday, a mandatory meeting will take place for both YIG participants and their parents at 6:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. The meeting will cover school rules and guidelines for going out of town overnight.