Leading little Sensations

Last Friday, the varsity Sensations got to perform their first routine of the season. Seniors Jessica Hyde and Cassidy Luer were happy with their performance and what they brought to the table.

“The first home game was a lot of fun. We got to show the school a cute pom routine, and we set the tone for a fun football season,” said Hyde.

To prepare for the routine, the Sensations practiced two hours a day for four days a week.

“People said we did really good [on the performance] and our coaches said we had a lot of energy,” said Luer.

On Saturday, Sept. 14, the Sensations held a dance clinic for girls in kindergarten through eighth grade.

“We taught them a jazz routine to the song, ‘Roar’ by Katy Perry. They seemed to like it, and they had a lot of fun learning it,” said Hyde.

These ‘little Sensations’ will be performing this routine during halftime at the varsity football game on Sept. 20.

“We taught each grade level some individual routines that won’t be performed at the game. We also enjoyed playing games with the girls,” said Luer.

The Sensations will also be performing a jazz routine of their own after they perform with the little girls at halftime.