Arete student committee applicants

Arete gives the chance to receive something special at the end of one’s high school career. Students have the opportunity to receive a cord at their graduation if they get all four Arete pillars throughout their high school career. One pillar is for grades, one is for athletics, one is for clubs, and one is for community service.

Junior Emily Williams has received two pillars so far. She wants to get all of them by the time she graduates.

“I’ve gotten into Arete with my grades and with club activities,” said Williams.

Senior Evan Dwyer joined because of his grades as well.

“Before, I’ve joined because of academics. I like the idea that you get rewarded with field day by doing the pillars of Arete,” said Dwyer.

Senior Shelby Maupin has the goal of getting all four pillars so she can receive the cord. She has gotten the pillars for grades, athletics, and clubs already.

“I’m trying to do all the pillars. I have the community service one left,” said Maupin.

Williams also intends to join the Arete student committee.

“I want to join to become more involved in the school, to make more friendships and to take part of another club at the wonderful Francis Howell Central. I love clubs,” Williams said.

This committee helps set up the two big events formed by Arete. They help set up the breakfast for first semester and they set up for field day in second semester. The field day has food, inflatables, and time for socialization with fellow members.

Maupin was in the committee last year and plans to be involved in it again.

“I was already in Arete and I want to be apart of making the activities happen. It also looks good for college,” said Maupin.