A spoken superior

At last year’s Youth in Government (YIG) Jefferson City Convention, a Speaker of the House was elected. One of FHC’s own, senior Brittany Schenk, was chosen. As the House speaker, Schenk has important duties to lead the legislative branch.

“My responsibilities consist of leading the House of Representatives during debate and keeping general order,” Schenk said. “I also help choose the bills that will go on the docket for further debate.”

To prepare for the convention, the legislative branch is currently creating and researching their bills. Later, they will practice for Jefferson City by debating the bills. As the House Speaker, Schenk will put additional preparation into her schedule.

“I will prepare by reviewing the parliamentary procedure that I will need to know in the House of Representatives and checking up on things to make sure that everything runs smoothly at the convention,” Schenk said.

The group is positive about the outcome of the Jefferson City Convention which will take place Nov. 14-16. The convention gives YIG the opportunity to bring back awards and recognition for their political skills in the legislative branch and their quality media productions.

“We always come home each year with a couple of awards, and I expect this year to be no exception,” Schenk said.