A bill’s life

The goal of members of Youth in Government (YIG) that are a part of the legislative branch is ultimately to get their bill passed. This happens at the annual Jefferson City Convention, which takes place this year Nov. 14-16. The total process to prepare a bill is time consuming and energy straining. However, the accomplishment of a successful bill requires work to be put into this process.

“Right now, we’re preparing bills and debating them,” junior Lauren Nosal, who is active in the legislative branch, said.

Nosal’s bill revolves around the idea of removing tenure. Before preparing and debating, she did research for the writing process of the bill.

“I went online and talked to previous teachers for research,” Nosal said.

During debate practice, each student runs through their bill and has other members ask questions about the bill, so they are ready to react to questions when the convention arrives. After the preparation process takes place, the students will debate their bill at the convention. If the House Rules Committee ranks the bill high enough, it makes it to the House floor and then will make a run for the Senate.

“I hope my bill can maybe make it to the House floor this year,” Nosal said.

In Jefferson City, the YIG members will have a set schedule to follow. Upon Friday’s arrival, they will attend an opening session and then break up into committees. The next day, there will be another session that will last for 12 hours, where the bills are debated, broken up with an hour and a half break for lunch and a dance mixer that night. Sunday, the final day, will consist of a closing session and elections.