Family, friends, competition season


Before every competition, the Sensations have their annual Family and Friends Night. This is the night where family, friends and teachers come to FHC to watch the JV and Varsity Sensations perform their competition routines.


This year, Family and Friends Night will be held on Dec. 4. The Sensations will be performing their hip-hop and jazz routines which will be competed at the Yvonne Cole Lindbergh Invitational on Dec. 7.


Each Sensation invites one of their favorite teachers to the Family and Friends Night.


“I invited my Anatomy teacher, Mr. Dauve, to the Family and Friends Night. He’s very helpful with me and cares about how I do in school,” senior Taylor Luehrs said.


The teachers who are invited receive a certificate of appreciation on that evening. Junior Madi Smith invited her Intro to Business teacher to the Night.


Mr. Alderson is one of my favorite teachers and he’s just a cool guy,” Smith said.


Alderson appreciates Smith’s invitation to Family and Friends Night.


“As soon as I got the invitation, I called up my wife to see if we could go as a family. As a teacher, it brightens up your day to see how you can affect a student to where they enjoy your class,” Alderson said.


Smith and Luehrs are excited to show off their team’s hard work to their loved ones.


“I’m ready to jump start the competition season,” Smith said.


As for senior Jessica Hyde, she will not be able to perform at the Lindbergh competition. Hyde injured her knee on Senior Night last month.


“My release for full participation was set too close to the week of competition. It would be too much stress on my knee, so I can’t compete or else I could injure my knee even further. It’s upsetting that I can’t compete for this competition, but I’m glad that I’ll be able to compete in future competitions,” Hyde said.


Meanwhile, it is unknown how long senior Jennifer Wesley will be out with her ankle injury. Wesley recently had surgery on her ankle and will not be dancing at Lindbergh.