Soaked in Kindness

The little things in life often make the biggest differences


Emma Clasen

Handwritten messages are something simple you could do to make someone’s day. They have great affect on the person who is on the receiving end.

We become so caught up in ourselves, in our own mind and space. We forget to appreciate others, we forget how amazing it feels to give to someone and make them feel joy. The smallest things can make someone’s day, week, possibly life. 

The first day of school I noticed a girl in my english class. I figured she was new because no one else knew her. I wanted to be friends with her,  but I was nervous to approach her. So I wrote a short message on a sticky note and put my Snapchat and Instagram handle at the bottom. I gave it to her and we immediately became friends and started getting close.

When I asked her how that note made her feel, she told me it made her feel loved and important. She told me she felt special because I was the first person to reach out to her.

A short, simple note created a bond between her and me. I am glad I wrote that note to her. Thinking back to when i gave it to her i remember how awkward I was, but I wouldn’t change anything about what happened.

There is nothing more pure than being kind and making a difference in another person’s life. The feeling you get from making someone feel important and loved is amazing. You feel important while making someone else feel wanted and special. 

You never truly know what is going on in someone’s head or in their life. The smallest thing could make their whole day, and change their life. A parent may have lost their job. Someone may have passed away. A family member or friend may have become ill. As teens, we struggle with many stressful things in life. As humans, we are bound to have feelings and struggle with conflicts throughout life.

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You don’t have to make a grand gesture to show your love or to make a difference. Love and happiness is not bought, it is gained. That’s why the simple things in life are the most moving. The compliment the girl from the mall gave you made you feel like you owned the world. The note from the boy in your second hour made your day. The teacher from your science class made you finally feel smart because she spent extra time helping you. Because of the things those people did and said, you felt confident. 

So why not return the favor? That boy who never has food at school may be going through a hard time mentally or at home. Reach out to him, offer him a snack if you can. Let him know he can come to you for anything and support him. The girl who’s new and sits alone at lunch just wants to feel wanted. Invite her to sit with you, learn things about her. You may just become best friends. All you have to do is show love, be kind and give it all a chance.

Never be afraid to show kindness and love. There are so many ways to help and be charismatic towards others. Yet we let fear get to us, we allow what others think cloud our thoughts. The problem is there is no reason to be insecure about reaching out and being kind. Don’t let other people’s ideas and opinions hold you back from being compassionate.

Do something kind. Make it something you do daily ,but never treat it like it’s a task. Tell that girl her makeup is cute. Let that boy know his outfit is cool. Thank your teachers and custodians. Remind your best friends that you love them and you’re always there for them. Tell your parents you’re thankful for them and what they’ve done for you. Reach out to others, and soak the world in kindness.