Taking the mat

The first ever girls wrestling team preparing for upcoming tournaments and matches.

By only having a guys wrestling team it has made it hard for girls over the years who were interested in wrestling to join and start learning the sport. This year marks the first year that FHC will have had a girls wrestling team, and now having wrestling as an option for girls will hopefully help inspire many other to start learning more about it. With the season starting and tournaments approaching new skills are being taught in preparation for the best outcome at these tournaments. The girls wrestling team has brought together a group of girls that were willing to take a chance at a new sport with a new team.

“Now that the school  has a girls wrestling team makes me feel like we now have the chance to show what we can do, every girl on the wrestling team works their butt off every practice, wrestling is a crazy hard sport and everyone is doing their best to learn it for the first time,” Kennedy Eggering said.

The team will be competing at upcoming tournaments and matches in hopes of doing their best with what they have learned so far.