Snow Day Intervention

The Francis Howell School District marks their eighth consecutive day of no school


Photo courtesy of Stocksy United

A school bus braves an icy terrain in spite of the dangerous nature of the cold. This bus’s school made the risky decision to conduct school as usual.

This afternoon, the Francis Howell School District announced that school is cancelled tomorrow, February 16, due to inclement weather. Beginning last Tuesday, the district initiated a rapid flurry of snow days in response to the dangerous conditions. These accommodations have amounted to a consecutive eight days of no school, as Presidents’ Day weekend was caught amidst the duration of the storm. 

Due to the mandatory absences, students and teachers, especially those of the AP degree, have faced untimely setbacks in curriculum. Although the final day of the school year was able to be pushed back into early June to accommodate for the snow days, the AP testing dates are concrete; they remain as established by the College Board. The snow-day setbacks continue to add pressure to teachers and students, as their time to learn the delegated material becomes increasingly limited.

The recent alteration of school days has left behind a familiar air of uncertainty. Almost a year ago, today, students were mandated to stay home for the rest of the 2019-2020 school year due to a coronavirus pandemic, leaving teachers and students feeling lost amidst the chaos of virtual learning. Thankfully, the root of uncertainty at the moment pales in comparison to last year’s events. Right now, the concern of AP students and teachers is when learning will take place again. Any and all residents of the district remain at the mercy of the storm. Until then, stay safe and enjoy the rest of your time off.