Majestic Men of FHC


Rebecca Hornberger

One of your French Girls: Jack Schriber poses for the crowd, soaking in his victory as Mr. Moneybags

For those of you who didn’t attend Mr. FHC, it was a male beauty pageant. Students and teachers were allowed to participate in this once a year event. This was the first time in two years that we were able to host this event again, bringing smiles to students and teachers’ faces. Mr. Moneybags himself Jack Schriber enjoyed his rib eating contest against teacher Brian Bitney, which Schriber won.

“Yeah, they may be talented, but I can make money. That’s most important in life,” Schriber said. 

Schriber sold the most tickets for the pageant and that is why he was crowned “Mr. Moneybags”. With a mix of hard work and peer pressure, he secured his spot. The Mr. FHC pageant is solely to raise money and create an enjoyable environment for students. Ryan Getgood was crowned Mr. FHC therefore, all the money that was raised went to a charity of his choice. Bobby Soderstrom performed “Guns and Ships” from Hamilton during the pageant.

“I did it because I could and my friends wanted me to do it. The best part was dumping the bucket of ribs on Jack,” Soderstrom said.

This was an especially successful pageant considering the two year break due to COVID. In future years this will continue and hopefully students will raise even more for charity than the years prior.