Pep club searches for new members

When it comes to school spirit, most people think of the cheerleaders and pommers, but it’s thanks to the pep club that those clubs are seen.

Pep club is responsible for deciding what happens during all school assemblies. Currently, the club is working on our homecoming assembly.

“We’re always looking for new members,” said Mr. Nick Beckmann, one of the pep club sponsors. “Tell all your friends; anyone can join.”

As of Sept. 8, pep club only has two members. Mr. Beckmann and Mrs. Kathryn McGuire, the pep clubs sponsors, are starving for new members to help.

“We don’t have any club leaders,” Mrs. McGuire said. “We all work together as a team.”

Pep club is all about increasing school spirit and planning the most amusing assemblies. It needs people who really have some interesting ideas about how to improve FHC’s pep assemblies.

It’s never too late to join, spots are always open. Just talk to Mr. Beckmann, history teacher, or Mrs. McGuire, foods and nutrition teacher.