New Beginnings for NHS


NHS members learn more about the general layout of the school year.

FHC’s chapter of the National Honor Society is kicking off the 2022-2023 school year with some new changes, including events and procedures, to allow students to better explore ways to positively impact our school and community.

NHS is based on scholarship, leadership, service, and character. The president of our school’s chapter, senior Lizy Lopez, believes that one of the best ways to get involved is through service projects.

“When you give back to the community, you see different perspectives and it makes you a better person.” Lopez said. “We just go with the flow of what we are looking for, like ongoing service projects and places to volunteer.”

Lopez, like the vast majority of NHS members, was inducted into the group as a sophomore — this is one requirement to be a member along with having a minimum GPA of 3.75, writing a short essay, and having recommendations from teachers.

Junior Savannah Heinz appreciates the service aspect of NHS. Multiple service projects are offered to help students meet NHS requirements for graduation.

NHS officers Lizy Lopez, Ximena Avila-Camarena, Kayla Wejzgrowicz, and Zain Bari remind members of the eligibility requirements for NHS. (Isabella Totra)

“There’s not a lot of service opportunities in this school, but NHS really helps,” Heinz said.

Teacher and sponsor, Ms. Dena Dauve, predicts that this year’s events will continue to contribute to the success of the organization and the students that make it up.

“Last year we had a big fundraiser night — a trivia night — that we’re hoping to continue this year,” Dauve said. “That would be a big one in the spring, but a lot of the opportunities just come up as people contact us and need assistance. We always have a lot of members help with [Parent Club and Craft Fair]. So those are two coming up in the near future that I know that we’ll be involved with.”

One of the biggest changes within NHS taking effect this year is the new system to keep track of hours each student has put into community service. 

“We implemented a new point sheet,” Lopez said. “So instead of everyone just turning in points wherever, designated officers are in charge of it.”

NHS has both day-to-day effects and future opportunities for college, especially for scholarships and recommendations. It encourages students to get more involved and ask questions when they need assistance — two aspects of leadership that NHS stresses greatly to promote success in the institution.

“It looks great on a resume and as you’re applying for colleges and scholarships, you’ll keep an eye on that GPA and you’ll really work towards improving grades and again, using your teachers for assistance to help you become a better student is really helpful.” Dauve said.