Ready For Reading


Allie Raines crops information for the Epsilon Beta informational board. As the club gets ready for the year.

Since 2017 Epsilon Beta has been providing a space and outlet for bookworms and avid readers to discuss their favorite books, get a good read in, and overall just bond with every other reader in the room. Also to express the love of reading to everyone else, Epsilon Beta also plans to host multiple reading associated events first starting off with Teentober.

So we have Teentober in October, which is a long event of like, supporting kids reading, and kids getting involved in the library, and they’re gonna do a bunch of fun activities.” Cassandra Flores, a sponsor of Epsilon Beta said 

If you love reading and want to get rewarded for it then Teentober might be up your alley, Teentober will be starting in the first two weeks of October.

Trevor Nichols and Allie Raines finish a board by the library entrance to provide information about Epsilon Beta. Their setting up information for any reader interested (Samantha Castille)

If you’re in Epsilon Beta you might be looking forward to Hot chocolate fridays senior Allie Raines President of Epsilon Beta explains “if you’re in this club, you’ll get to work it but the entire school can get excited for hot chocolate coffee Friday, so from October to about spring break. We sell hot chocolate and coffee every single Friday in the library for school.”

 For the members of Epsilon Beta they get a little treat with socials. 

There’s also socials once a month for club members and they can meet up and eat food and just participate in fun activities,” Raines said.

So besides the reading and event planning Epsilon Beta for many people has been a place where people can feel welcomed and important like how senior Treasurer Trevor Nichols explains talking about how Epsilon Beta has changed.

“Well, I’m not sure if it has changed, like much but it kind of changed me because it used to be where I was, like in the club. I just was a random kid that just liked reading and stuff, but then I slowly became more important and like I knew more people” 

If you’re looking to do something that involves reading not in the fact of just reading but supporting reading, expressing your passion for the books that you read and creating bonds over reading Epsilon Beta will be hosting club meetings every second Tuesday of every month before school at 7:00am and after school at 2:25pm.