Flashback Fashion


Fashion has grown and changed throughout the decades. It’s something that has always been relevant and will always be relevant.

The fifties had women in long skirts and poofy ankle-length dresses and men in cardigans and leather jackets. The fifties was the end of the utilitarian silhouettes and the beginning of the hyper-feminine looks dominated by popular designers like Christian Dior, Cristóbal Balenciaga, and Hubert de Givenchy according to thevou.com

Bright colors, bold patterns, short stiff dresses and gogo boots dominated the sixties. Nancy Sinatra, Twiggy, and Audrey Hepburn brought inspiration to women everywhere. It was the decade of coming out of your comfort zone. Gone were the conservative fashion pieces of the fifties and clothes like halter tops and cropped shirts and fringe entered the fashion realm. The sixties were the decade of peace and reformation and it’s apparent through the sixties vibe and aesthetic and the fashion of women everywhere.

Flared bell bottom pants, tight shirts, and colorful suits walked the runways in the 1970’s. The seventies were the height of rock n’ roll and the iconic hippie look. They dominated the disco scene and incorporated glitter, satin, and bright colors. 

The eighties brought back the leather jackets and introduced grunge and glam rock, which heavily influenced the fashion scene and alternatively also favored bright colors and bold patterns, stealing from the disco scene and stylizing them in a new way, enter scrunchies. 

Icons like Britney Spears, Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, and Jennifer Lopez were inspirations for women everywhere.The nineties brought denim on denim, streetwear and baggy jeans. Jennifer Aniston even inspired a haircut that most young women in the nineties rocked. The fashion included baggy mom jeans, combat boots, flannels, thick sweaters and slip dresses. 

The 2000s were home to low-rise jeans, crop tops, and tracksuits. People like Paris Hilton dominated the fashion scene in all of the above. 

Walking down the hallway in school is the best way to spot at least half of these trends. The clothing styles circle back around, giving the iconic nineties grunge look, the seventies hippie-disco style, crop tops from the sixties, seventies and 2000’s, and scrunchies from the eighties, decades later.