Playing Musical Chairs


Eddy Fawcett and Dominic Debro read together in their creative writing class.

Meeting in the 3rd grade, seniors Dominic Debro and Eddy Fawcett have been friends nearly all their lives. After being sent to separate middle schools, they reunited in their freshman year, and soon after started making music and art together. Both Fawcett and Debro describe themselves as creatives by nature, but cite each other as the drive behind their ideas. Whether it’s drawing, music, or even designing t-shirts, the thread tying together everything they make is that their best creative process is to simply not have one.

This isn’t to say that their projects are just thrown together. There’s a refinement process, but the duo feels it’s best to let ideas flow, and because of that, the operation rarely stays the same.

“My process definitely varies. I usually start out with making beats, first, and everything else kind of follows that. I try not to take a lot of time on it, because when you overthink the melody and all of that stuff, you never get anywhere.” Debro said.

After years working together, Debro and Fawcett have developed their own ideas about how art should be made. For them, perfectionism isn’t something to strive for, but to be wary of.

“When I make anything, whether it’s a drawing, or music, or a design, I think it’s the best when it’s coming straight from my mind, and I don’t try to tame what ends up happening. I let whatever it is flow.” Fawcett said.

This ability to use ideas as they come so easily may partially stem from how well the two know and understand each other. Senior Nolan Fitzpatrick has been friends with Fawcett and Debro since their freshman year, and has worked with them on multiple creative projects, allowing him to see their connection first hand. 

“It’s like their consciousnesses are interwoven with each other on a higher plane of thinking,” Fitzpatrick said. “They’re just spontaneous beings. They kind of understand each other’s thinking, like they have a hive mind.”

The Musical Chairs reading together in creative writing. (Aniya Sparrow)

Recently Debro and Fawcett have been releasing music under the name “The Musical Chairs”, a band which at the moment consists of just them. They’ve put together a collection of songs titled “WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE,” which can be found on most major music streaming platforms.