Growing Their Own Way


Environmental club members gather around the board in the learning common’s classroom to discus how they can improve their carbon footprint.

Using their skills of research and creativity, every two weeks, the Environmental Club gathers to discuss environmental issues and ways to help reduce them. While it’s hard to get others to follow, it hasn’t stopped the group from doing its part in helping the community.

From walking the rivers to clean up the trash on the banks, to making posters to help spread awareness about current environmental issues at hand, the club finds fun ways to help create a better environment in a fun way. A club favorite event is the craft nights hosted every other Wednesday where the club makes environmentally friendly crafts using recycled materials. 

Senior Kara Middleton listens intently to the environmental presentation, taking in the information on how to improve the environment. (Samantha Castille)

“Last Wednesday was the first craft night of the year where we took paper bags and were able to cut them into strips and weave them into little baskets and reuse them for different things. Most of the time we use plarn (plastic yarn), where we cut up plastic bags into strips that we crochet into mats to donate to homeless shelters,” Environmental Club treasurer, Marissa Wortkoetter said.

After the Environmental club’s teacher, Kellie Staback, left for maternity leave, a member of the Environmental Club asked Library Media Specialist Cassandra Flores to fill in for the science teacher. Being a new teacher at the school, Mrs. Flores was happy to fill in and get involved with the school community especially when it has to do with seeing students do something they truly enjoy.

“As a library media specialist I also enjoy seeing students use their skills of research to present on topics that interest them and at every meeting the Environmental Club students present on a current topic that affects the environment,” Ms. Flores said.

Involved in Epsilon Beta, Environmental Club, and Student Council, the environmental club’s content manager, Lillieann Hodges, is involved due to her interest in the career path of biomedical sciences. Hodges loves planting and recycling and enjoys the club due to how close it is to her field of interest, believing that the club is a perfect place to get involved. Whether you are interested in helping the environment or just looking for a group to become involved with, the club is always encouraging new members to join the fun and relaxing environment.

 “The club isn’t something you sign up and pay for. You can just come if you want to join and it’s really relaxing and easy,” Hodges said.