Tough love stimulates success on volleyball team

With more dedication, new drills and a new coach this year, the girls volleyball team has done great this season in comparison to previous.

“It’s pretty much the same team, just with better training,” said sophomore Bridget Laughlin.

Not having much new talent on the JV and varsity teams, the girls had large amounts of training ahead of them to break records from last year.

Defeating Timberland in its last game, the team has taken a more serious approach to this season. The team set high goals for themselves; hoping that by setting high hopes they would get high stats.

“We started this season wanting to be undefeatable,” said Laughlin.

Training harder than ever before, the hard work has definitely paid-off.

With a new coach on the JV team, Joe Kopp, the team has been practicing with new, tougher drills.

“We have a rough relationship with coaches sometimes, but it’s just tough love,” said Laughlin.

The “tough love” has worked; the team has improved immensely, as teammates and friends. The team has great chemistry on and off the court.

“Everyone is friends with everyone,” said Laughlin.

The team has become more of a family this season. Being a family seems to be exactly what the team needed to succeed.