The Percy Jackson Production


Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief Poster.

Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief: A musical about friends, family, and self-truth and FHC’s 2022-23 spring production. Audition forms are located outside the theater and will be held after school on January 30th and 31st, with the musical hitting the stage this April. 

This production is full of special effects, lighting tricks, and people! The musical includes an ensemble as well as the main cast, so people will be running on and off the stage and you can always expect to see a new face in the next scene. 

Senior, Abby Money, is new to theater this year and has only been in one production, but she is very excited to put on Percy Jackson and can’t wait for the musical to get up and running. 

“Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief is going to be a lot more hectic as far as how many people we have and who’s going on and off stage at separate times and the constant changes of scenery. That’ll all be very different from our last show. It’s also going to be more of an expensive show to put on. But, I think more people might come to see it. I think it’ll be really good because it’s more modern and mainstream,” Money said.