Unclaimed shirts merit unplanned sale

Months have passed, but the memory of Michelle Neukirch still remains in students’ and teachers’ hearts.

Science teacher Jennifer Berger, along with students in her genetics classes, have designed T-shirts in memory of Neukirch to raise awareness of cystic fibrosis.

For such a good cause, many students signed up to purchase a shirt, but by the time they arrived at school, they backed out of the sale.

“I don’t know why so many backed out. I think some signed up to buy the shirt because they saw that everyone else was. It just makes me mad,” says Ms. Berger.

All of the profits are supposed to go to the Neukirch family once all the shirts have been sold, but because so many people backed out, Mrs. Berger’s left with so many extra shirts, which causes less money to go towards the Neukirch family. There are 25 shirts left and they are $10 each. The faster they are gone, the better, according to Ms. Berger.

“We already have some money to give the family. They get 100 percent of the money, minus the amount it took to make the shirts,” says Berger.

If anyone would like to purchase a shirt that is in memory of Neukirch and promotes cystic fibrosis, they can stop by room 224 or find the table at lunch and buy one there.

“Whatever’s left I’m giving to the family and they can do what they want with them, but that means they’d get less money, and that wasn’t the plan,” says Berger.