Seniors meet for their last band banquet

Band seniors commemorate their time as a part of the Spartan Regiment

Members of the Spartan Regiment met on Friday Jan. 17 to commemorate their 2013 season in their annual band banquet. The banquet featured food, speeches, and slideshows to look back on the work that the band members had accomplished over the year.

For the seniors, it was their chance to say goodbye to their time as a part of the Spartan Regiment and to celebrate the exemplary work of certain students. Senior Dana Channell was awarded the Silver Lambda, an award that goes to the senior who other band members believe most exemplifies the program.

Some seniors found it difficult to look back on their previous years as a member of the Spartan Regiment.

“It’s bittersweet,” senior Melissa Albers said. “It’s amazing to look back on all of our previous banquets and know we’ve made it here. Now that it’s done and over I feel older.”

Despite the nostalgia, seniors believe that the program will be left in the worthy hands of the underclassmen.

“I know that the juniors will really step up and do a great job, like they already have been,” senior Chloe Udell said. “I’m really proud of them and what they’ve become.”