Best of Broadway playlist


As the lazy days of winter break ease away into a distant memory, and the drudge of routine returns for third quarter, the Spotlight Players are gearing up for what promises to be yet another fantastic show. Their spring musical, “Into the Woods,” is set to open in April, with rehearsals starting on Monday. In anticipation of the show, we have compiled a playlist of some of the most memorable show tunes to sing along to.

1. The Confrontation- Les Miserables

Fans of action movies will agree, fight scenes are the best. Fight songs? Even better. The name of this song from “Les Miserables” speaks for itself, a confrontation between ex-con Jean Valjean and his pursuer, the Inspector Javert. Between friends, this song is great to sing along to. It’s highly-emotional and overlapping lyrics make it a favorite on the “Les Miserables” soundtrack.

2. Ten Minutes Ago- Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella

Musicals have some of the best duets. Whether you are able to grab a friend or have to settle for attempting two part harmonies by yourself, duets are always great songs to sing along to. “Ten Minutes Ago” is a sort of love ballad between Cinderella and Prince Charming in which they express their immediate love for each other. It’s the perfect song for waltzing around a room and singing along.

3. Defying Gravity- Wicked

There are few songs that are truly universally known, but “Defying Gravity” might  just be one of them. Over the past couple years, “Wicked” has become increasingly popular, with “Defying Gravity” being the most well known song from the musical. It’s a pretty powerful song, perfect for belting out the high notes on key or off. Watching this song performed on stage is almost always a goosebump worthy experience, but simply listening to it in the car can be just as amazing.

4. Cell Block Tango- Chicago

This song can be compared to  the musical equivalent of wearing red lipstick. There’s something about singing along to the tune of six merry murderesses as they tell the tale of their deadly exploits that makes you feel as if you could stomp down any of your enemies. Playing  this song in a room full of theatre geeks will almost always cause  every single one of them to instantly jump into character, acting the part of vicious murderers.

5. Let it Go- Frozen

Since its release in November, Frozen has done nothing but blow away the box office. It has consistently topped the charts all across the globe, and has quickly become one of the highest grossing Disney movies ever. The soundtrack itself has beat out would be hits, like Beyonce, due, in part, to Idina Menzel’s show stopping musical number. “Let it Go” is by far the most popular song on the soundtrack, and for good reason. It’s a song that really lends itself to being belted out in the car, in the shower, or with friends. Plans to make Frozen into a Broadway musical are already underway, and this song will almost certainly be just as breathtaking on stage as it was on screen.

6. Brotherhood of Man- How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

Every show has that one song that is truly iconic. For “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” this song is it. “Brotherhood of Man” is meant to bring the show to its closing sequence, acting as a climax of sorts, and is usually accompanied by amazing choreography. When the Spotlight Players performed “How to Succeed” in 2012, this number served as one of the most memorable songs of the entire show.

7. A Little Fall of Rain- Les Miserables

Heartfelt death scenes are an almost guaranteed way to bring a tear to your eye. A duet sung as a death scene is ten times worse. In “Les Miserables” Eponine is often cited as the fan favorite character, so naturally when she dies the song is one of the most heartbreaking scenes in the entire show. “A Little Fall of Rain” is a song that truly sticks with you, whether you have the privilege to see it on stage or must merely listen to it in the car.

8. Moments in the Woods- Into the Woods

This April, the Spotlight Players will be performing their spring musical, “Into the Woods.” This show has some really great songs, from the 12 minute prologue to “Giants in the Sky.” All of them are fantastic, but “Moments in the Woods” seems to really stand out. It’s sung by the female lead, the Baker’s Wife, and is really important to understanding her character. Some of the best songs in musicals come from when characters pause from telling a story to sing a song, and “Moments in the Woods” is no exception.

9. Bend and Snap- Legally Blonde

There are some things people would say should never be made into a musical, among them being “Legally Blonde,” a musical that is well known to be the perfect example of what a girl-powered musical should be. The musical was able to perfectly capture the essence of the hit movie, as well as pay tribute to one of the most memorable moments in the movies- the bend and snap. “Bend and Snap” is a great dance break that is as much fun to watch as it is to do.

10. The Phantom of the Opera- The Phantom of the Opera

The “Phantom of the Opera” has been an incredibly popular musical for years. It’s dark and romantic, with great music, costumes, and plot. The title song is no exception.  “The Phantom of the Opera” is one of the most well-loved in the show, boasting some really impressive singing, including the second highest note in the entire show. It’s recognizable from the first chord, and absolutely perfect from then on out.