Band performs for Fine Arts Festival

The Jazz and Wind Ensembles help celebrate the arts with their performance during the Fine Arts Festival.

On Friday Jan. 31,  members of the Jazz and Wind Ensemble performed for the Fine Arts Festival.

The Fine Arts Festival is meant to commemorate all the hard work students participating in any of the arts, music, art, and theatre, have done.

The high level bands work hard all year long, but had to divert even more class time to their performance as the Fine Arts Festival drew closer. However, some uncontrollable complications gave the Jazz and Wind Ensembles only one week prior to the event to focus on their performance.

“For having all the snow days, and having not played together much as a group, it went well,” senior Dana Channell said.

Having not had much time to focus on just the Fine Arts Festival, the bands decided to divert their attention to revisiting songs they already learned.

“We played some favorites from our first semester concert,” senior Melissa Albers said.

Since they were able to use music they already knew, the bands were allowed to really focus on enjoying the night.

“It’s a no-pressure performance, so it’s more enjoyable,” Channell said.