Golf team encounters turbulent pre-season

“[Golf] matches are scored by six girls playing nine holes against the other team’s six girls then the lowest four scores from each team are added up. These are normally the best players we have, until recently,” said Mr. Bob Storts, head girls golf coach.

One week before its first match, the golf team lost its top player, senior Shelly Hassall, to a Sky Zone accident, leaving Hassall with a broken leg. She will most likely be out for the entirety of her senior year.

“I feel 100 percent responsible for what happened,” said Hassall, “I let my team and coach down. That’s the only reason I was upset; I didn’t know I had broken my fibula until I got home.”

Hassall had just made number one on the team when she broke her leg, leaving senior Emily Klobe in the number one position.

“I figured that Shelly and I would battle back and forth for number one,” said Klobe. “Now that competition is gone, I’m not being pushed as much.”

Even though Klobe scored her best score, 48 strokes, the team still lost by a total of 2 strokes (235-233) and Duchesne took the win on Aug. 27.