Runners face ‘man makers’

Although this past race, which took place on Saturday, Sept. 18, was not affected by the weather’s rage, the natural terrain took toll on the runners. This race was held on a course that has made it into national magazines due to its large amount of hills.

According to Coach Michelle Breuer, the magazines called these hills “man makers.”

“It’s a very demanding course,” said Coach Breuer. “Times were still slower, but better than when we were at Forest Park.”

The team arrived at the race at approximately 7:45 in the morning, but the team’s first race was at 9 later that morning.

“The freshmen had a disadvantage almost,” said Coach Breuer. “It was at least ten degrees warmer when they ran.”

At least twenty to thirty schools attended the race.

“A majority had better times; I’m happy with their performance,” said the head coach.

Although, according to Breuer, some of the girls could have done better.

“They psyched themselves out,” said Coach Breuer. “They weren’t mentally ready.”