Runners PR at Koch Park

On Friday, Sept. 24, runners of the cross country team left the pep assembly to race at Koch Park.

“I think everybody [got their personal record],” said Coach Michelle Breuer.

This race is usually where the team gets its best scores, due to the flatness of the terrain and skill gained in the later season. Also, the weather was cool that Friday, which added up to great racing conditions, according to Coach Breuer.

“The course itself really helped show the freshman especially, ‘hey you can run,’ ” said Coach Breuer.

31 out of 32 Central runners got their personal record overall, but everyone made their best time for the current season.

The only obstacle was the unusual group from the Ladue schools, which Coach Breuer said slightly attacked their confidence.

“It was just weird to see them there,” said Mrs. Breuer.

Individually, the team did well. But overall, the boys and girls came in higher places than usual.

“I thought they’d be higher up,” said Mrs. Breuer.

It was still a good race, and their motivation lasted strong throughout, said Coach Breuer.

“It was a great day, and with it being Homecoming weekend, they were excited,” said Coach Breuer.